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Harry Potter Short Story Diffuser - Gryffindor

Harry Potter Short Story Diffuser - Gryffindor


*UK postage only due to safety restrictions*



Return to the roaring fire of the cosy Gryffindor Tower™ with a deep crimson blend of spiced fruit and citrus zest, combined with the intriguing air of vanilla and smoked cedar.

Ignite your house pride with the fantastic fragrance of a Harry Potter™ x Short Story Gryffindor™ diffuser. Each diffuser is made with a shimmery colour-changing liquid and lovingly infused with the finest aromas to create a truly spellbinding aromatic experience.

Return to Hogwarts and get ready to embark on your next enchanted adventure with the magic of your very own Hogwarts house.

"Where dwell the brave at heart."

Brave and bold, Gryffindors are never the type to shy from a challenge. Always determined and full of nerve, let this potion diffuser of crimson and gold bring renewal and joy as you embark on your next big endeavour.

Top: Apple, berry, peach, lemon zest
Middle: Cinnamon, clove, cedarwood
Base: Butterscotch, tonka bean, vanilla

- Box: 16 H x 9.65 L x 9.65cm W
- Diffuser: 10.6 H x 8.5 L x 8.5cm W