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Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Wingardium Leviosa

Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Wingardium Leviosa


Let a symbol of the feather remind you to float and take your falls with grace with a Wingarium Leviosa Trinket.

Keep it close on your journey.
Take it with you on your travels.
Listen closely, and say it well.
LeviOsa, not LeviosA.
A secret trinket, a floating feather,
to remind you that sometimes you fall
before you learn to fly.

Each Harry Potter™ Trinket has been thoughtfully created to inspire daily positive reminders and serve as a lucky charm. These Harry Potter Trinkets also come in their own buttoned suede pouch and story card ready to be gifted as a precious keepsake.

- Pouch: 4 H x 5cm L
- Trinket: 2 - 3.6cm W

- Alloy / enamel paint keepsake
- Comes with a unique story card that is different for each trinket
- Glitter buttoned pouch

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