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Harry Potter (Wanted Sirius Black) A5 Wiro Notebook

Harry Potter (Wanted Sirius Black) A5 Wiro Notebook

  • HIGH QUALITY HARDCOVER WIREBOUND JOURNAL NOTEPAD - with an elastic strap to keep it closed and thick, lined pages for keeping a diary, jotting down notes on magical creatures or writing your own spells
  • FEATURES THE WANTED POSTER - put up by the Ministry of Magic after Sirius Black escaped from the notorious Azkaban Prison
  • SIRIUS BLACK - a great wizard and godfather to HARRY POTTER, Sirius is framed for the murder of Peter Pettigrew and spends years wrongly imprisoned in Azkaban before he makes his escape
  • GREAT GIFT FOR HARRY POTTER FANS OF ALL AGES - anyone who loves the tales of the famous boy wizard will enjoy this notebook that conjures up the magical world Harry lives in
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