Hedwig Cermaic Mug With Lid

Hedwig Cermaic Mug With Lid


'Very smart owl you've got there'

We wish our birthday presents were as cool as Hedwig the owl. The beloved and loyal Snowy Owl of the one and only Harry Potter is beautifully represented with her stunning white fur, feathers, wise yellow eyes, and adorable beak. This mug is perfect for keeping your brew looking as awesome as possible. A great gift for any fan.

  • Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Shaped Mug
  • Completed with yellow eyes and talons, embossed feather detailing and the Harry Potter logo on the back
  • Simply fill with your favourite hot drink and get warmed up with everyone's favourite owl

Please note, this is a hand-finished product, therefore there may be slight imperfections and differences to the pictured item as each mug is unique.